Kerdi Fix

Kerdi Fix

Schluer Kerdi Fix is a single component sealing and bonding compound with a silane-modified polymer base. It is odor-neutral, UV-and weather resistant, and contains no solvents. Kerdi-Fix is elastomeric and bonds well to most materials, such as wood, stone, concrete, metal, glass, and many plastics. Kerdi-Fix is suitable bonding Kerdi Band and Kerdi Waterproofing Membrane to fixed building elements. Kerdi-Fix is also suitable for use as a sealant or joint filling compound.

Kerdi-Fix can be thought of as a superior sealant or caulk. It is not intended to be used as a thinset replacement to bond Kerdi to Kerdi, but if you happen to have a small patch to make where you couldn't meet the 2" overlap requirement, Kerdi-Fix will prevent water/moisture from wicking into that narrow thinset bond. Another area where it can be used is to seal raw edges in wallboard, either the cutouts around the shower head outlet pipe itself or the much larger valve cutout. With its many uses, it is definitely handy to have around.

Schluter Kerdi-Fix is sold per 290 mil tube, and is available in Bright white or Grey colors.

Kerdi Fix to Schluter Shower System

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